Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We got to design shoes :o

Our school got an amazing opportunity to be entered in he Vans competition and although my design was not picked, I am _very_ pleased with this design. I was up against tons of artists who are more experts on design than I am and yet I feel accomplished because I tossed so many ideas for these shoes out and was constantly gulping up new ones to test out. I like how this project prodded at my more creative side, it gave me a chance to scrawl ideas around until I was satisfied. Because this project helped my creative side to show, I would probably guess that I may actually try to decorate some shoes later on in life. Who knows? Life is full of experiences that I wanna try, and for art in general there are hundreds! :3

We bleached T-Shirts in art~ < o w o >

To relax a bit after our Landscape Painting, we got a chance to be outside and bleach some black t-shirts. I, being a music lover, couldn't resist making a shirt with the word "Bass" taped to the top. While we had the option to dip ours in bleach, I resided on sprayed mine lightly because I loved the light dots the bleach left on the black shirt. It was a fun project because we got to move around and be outside instead of sitting behind closed doors. Moving around and changing your surroundings while working always gives me a new perspective, makes everything a bit more exciting and helps to break the sadness of a boring, routine. I'm glad we did this project because every seemed tired of painting for so long. I really love the shirt I got out of this and have worn it a couple times since I made it already. I can see myself actually doing this on my own quite soon, because it is simply and is a great way to customize clothing. < > w < >

Landscape Painting~ ^^

For my landscape painting, I wanted to experiment with different styles and compositions to create a storm  over a lake. I haven't been able to paint since sixth or seventh grade in middle school and I was really excited to work on getting better. I decided to attempt to compose a scene that would appeal to me and marvel me every time I looked at it. I started with a concept based around water because it is my favorite element. First I began to compose my painting, which started with me forming different angle view sketches and mentally adjusting minor details. After toggling my brain, I finally decided I wanted a lake in the front of my painting, buzzing with bouncing water droplets, and giant, husky trees being sunk down by the heavy downpour of rain. Which would all be slightly illuminated by the clouds and high up ripples of lightning. I wanted to add the feel of a more gloomy scene while maintaining a thin wave of comfort. My light source was subtle and faintly created by the far away flashes of light the storm had brought. I used that to add value and shade to my trees as well as my lake. The objects I painted worked perfectly with my color scheme analogous blue, blue-green and green. I attempted to widen my variety of brushstrokes in this painting. I dabbed small strokes on the lake for a rain affect and I tried longer strokes for the trees. For the clouds I used a sponge because it gave the wispy, almost non-existant form. The shading was rather fun, I got to create  darker areas and lighter areas to make my painting look and feel more alive. I'm glad I was finally able to paint again and I'm proud to say I was able to use the brushes and the paints I bought for home confidently~ 

My Pastel :3

I began to plan my composition by trying to figure out which objects would look best together and which ones could be spread out. Then I began to doodle thumbnail sketches, which are small sketches that help you determine your layout. The viewfinder also helped me when I wanted to figure out how I wanted to see the picture, such as from which angle and how close or how much I would see. To make the items in my pastel drawing appear three-dimensional, I used shading and changed the value of the color to try and re-create lighting affects. In order to create a light source I used a single light in one place, which acted as a guide.