Thursday, November 14, 2013

Non Traditional Portrait

After deep consideration and thought I chose myself, because even though I have many people that I love I wanted others to see me in a different way.I spent an eternity, digging through the depths of my brain, trying to uncover the things that make me who I am. When I had found a sufficient supply of ideas, I began to eliminate them by efficiency and methodically. Finally, I came across 3 ideas 2 of which seemed impossible. The third was excruciatingly time consuming, but I had found it to be the one with most rewards. I had decided on compiling my piece with the medium of...The Apex High School Marching Band. This material proved to be difficult, but in the end it helped to show how much of an impact marching band has made on me in the past two years. I feel it is important to create the person you chose out of something that defines them, because it helps you to see their personality as well as their looks. I took a risk when I chose the difficult medium of The Marching Band. I had to draw the layout and place everyone, while finding a time for them to all meet me, and didn't interfere with practice. My choices made the picture feel personal. I used the band that I'm in and the field that we practice on, which made the photo special to me.