Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lidded Vessel

When did you step back and analyze you work during this project? Yes, after every change I made I always checked my piece all over again and made sure it was what I wanted before I continued. I love zombies and I had a specific dull and lifeless creature in mind and I intended for him to turn out that way or it wouldn't have had the same affect as I wanted.

Did you consider how ideas would work before you tried them? Yes, I made sure that I thought of every possible thing to do before I settled on one. For instance I contemplated over how to do the eyes of the zombie, unsure if I wanted him to be realistic or not, but then I realized I wanted him to seem more dead than alive which requires a bit of both realism and exaggeration. So I settled with a bulging eye and a a good mixture of paint.

Did you ask another student for feedback during your work process? Yes, because I am not the only one at my table who likes zombies and I knew they would have some outstanding feedback to give to me. I also listened to their ideas and tried to incorporate it into my project which turned out nicely actually. I was able to get the opinions of all sorts of people and that helped me to see my piece in a new way wih every suggestion, so I;m grateful they gave me such advice.

Did someone help you understand important information or inspire you? Yes, the people at my table helped me find the right colors for the zombie and helped figure out which texture looked best. The important information they gave me to remember was that zombies are living dead, so they have grimy skin and rough patches and dead parts but they somehow seem alive as well even with all the signs of death. I had to keep this in mind because I didn't want my zombie to look alive and well, but alive and deadly or sick. 

Wearable Art

How did you use your own unique ideas in your work? Yes, I designed this 3 piece set of jewelry after I came up with the theme "bath time". After thinking of three mini parts of a child's bath time I decided to create art that represented it. So when I made my bubble necklace I wanted to make it out of a soft and clear material and oddly enough I chose glue. Then for the boat necklace I decided a sturdy material would be preferable. So I made each tiny ship out of clay and painted them with acrylic to give them bold colors. The third one, which was rubber duck themed was my favorite because I twirled yellow ribbons around it

Did you use a source for inspiration, then combine it with your own ideas to make it original? I didn't exactly have a source of inspiration, I kind of started with an idea and began to branch off from there carefully planning each part of the project, treating it as a separate entity.

Did you learn new techniques or processes as part of the work for this project? Yes, I created new ways of using everyday art materials and I found I really like these methods. I was able to create circular dots that looked like beads out of hot glue and used everyday wire to make rings that connected them. I had never made rings out of wire to connect beads before and it was an interesting method, a bit hard, but all in all very fun. I was also able to use wires in much more interesting ways, such as with the rubber duck necklace. I twisted the wires to give them each a design of their own.

Did you gain skill with familiar materials? Yes, since I used to make my own jewelry very frequently I thought I had gotten every process down, but apparently that was not the case because I had not gotten much chance to use different wires and metals, I was not able to use them to their full ability. With this project I was able to play with the different ways to use wire and figure out how to incorporate it into my project nicely. Over the course of the project I gained new skills with the materials and was able to successfully put them to good use.

Monday, June 2, 2014

3 Mini Lidded Vessels~

These are the three small lidded vessels we completed in class. I made one green with a palm tree on it and the other 2 a deep ocean blue to go with a more tropical feel.