Art 2

    For our theme "Up close and personal" I tossed around some ideas where the viewer invades a personal boundary between them and an animal or someone else's thoughts. I considered many things, such as an open diary or a bird resisting the clasp of a tamer, but my mind wandered upon an image of a deer going about it's ways, too focused for once to run from any danger it may sense. I emphasized it's gentle nature and calm, unfocused stature by softening it's body and making it a tad unrealistic. I also tried to emphasis the time of day, by adding an array of colors to the sky. The colorful background tells the viewer that the sun will own the sky soon and that the rest of the world will wake into light. I chose to use Prisma colored pencils because after playing around with different techniques I decided they helped to capture the ideal texture and feel I wanted out of all the mediums. I took a risk, by making the sky a darker color and adding in complementary colors such as yellow and purple, which could have turned the sky a more grayish if blended just so. I think the medium was the most predominate out of the 5 characteristics of great art. It helped to portray the look of simplistic innocence that I was trying to convey.

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