Tuesday, December 17, 2013


For our amusement project I decided to create a world of dream and fantasy, since many find comfort and amusement in world of myth and wonder. I incorporated variety in my piece by adding multiple characters both good and bad and then created an atmosphere that shaped their personality. I wanted soft materials and dark rigid shapes as well as smooth light colors. In my piece I used a little bit of everything from watercolor to fabric and colored pencils. At first I was confused on how to put this all together, but I knew I wanted there to be a splice of everything in it. In order to make it work I had to spread the different mediums all over the page to get everything to blend smoothly. Our time spend on our visual journal gave us a chance to be creative and test out new materials as well as help us to decide which ones we liked best. I found out that gluing things on top of fabric comes off easily. Some challenges I faced are determining where to place certain mediums and how to mix specific themes together in a way that makes them belong.