Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sticky Situation

For sticky situation, I sketched out idea's which consisted a tower of candies, crayons lit like candles and a pile of glue splayed on a table with strung beads and ribbon. After a long elimination process I decided this would be the funnest and more colorful out of all the other choices. I think my ideas were pretty interesting, but not too far out of the box. I was able to incorporate rhythm and pattern with the beads and the colors. I chose to use acrylic because I wanted a solid feel to the painting and I wanted to be able to blend colors easily. The acrylic made it easy to add highlights to the lighter regions of my painting, and easier to add dark spots to the shadier ones. The mini lessons helped me to think about all the ways I could use each paint, by trying different brushes and different surfaces.