Art 2 Final Portfolio

         The project I felt was most successful was my Up Close and Personal project. The theme of this project was to capture a moment where the viewer saw what they wouldn't normally see because they were unnaturally close. I wanted to create a picture with feeling and a variety of colors as well as a subject with grace and innocence. The choices I made in this project helped to emphasis the subject that I was portraying. Out of all the possible mediums I chose Prisma colored pencils, in hopes that the easy blending and light colors would add an innocent feel to the work. I wanted the picture to be about the size of a regular sheet of paper because I felt the picture would look like a printed photograph of another world. For technique I decided to blend just enough that it is smooth, but keep it slightly choppy to save the bit of realism It still had. With all of these combined I think this project stands out on it's own and holds on to the theme well.
         The project that I felt I overcame the most obstacles on was our mixed media project. Throughout this whole project I was required to think about composition and color arrangement. It was quite the brain heavy quest, because everything I placed had to be just perfect and match the theme in a subtle way. This made the whole project risky because I was always concerned I would make a mistake and have to rearrange it again. To save this I trusted my gut and added small scraps of fabric and paper where I thought they would work best. Along with that I also struggled some with choices of material. Thoughts including "What kind of scrap should go here?" or "Watercolor here?" plagued my mind during this project and yet I somehow managed to create, what I think, is a lovely piece. Because of these extremely detailed obstacles I was able to challenge myself for perfect which has helped me strive to become a better artist than I thought I could ever become.

         Over the semester we were challenged in many ways. These challenges helped us grow in a variety of ways. Two pieces best show this exponential art growth. The first one is the Non-Traditional Art Portrait and the Book Carving. For the Non-Traditional Portrait I decided to use people as my medium. Although this was tricky and a little bit frustrating I found it to be very rewarding in the end. The materials I used were people so to get them set and organized I had to be patient and constructive. My artistic vision was shown when I managed to create a self portrait of me out of something I love and couldn't imagine being without. Some elements of art I used were texture and form,because each person has their own look and feel, while the whole picture begins to shape them into one portrait. I think this project was creative, I'm sure it's been done before, but many people won't dare to try things because they don't believe they can or aren't willing to try. My subject matter was me and my personality which I think was shown in it's simplest form in this project. Overall I am proud of this piece because it shows my overall growth as an artist and it challenged me to do thins I once deemed impossible.
         Along with my Non-Traditional portrait there was another work of art that I feel showed my growth this year. It was our most recent project the book carving. This piece shows what I feel is my better understanding of composition and material use. I chose to use a mixture of different painting techniques which include dabbing the paint and smoothing it with water. Because of all the cutting this project required I learned how to use an x acto knife properly and I was able to work with a new wave of materials. My artistic vision was to represent an idea with my image and hopefully boggle the mind a little bit. Line and shape was very important for this piece. Line determined where the cutout started and ended and shape  was used to give the appearance of objects only using outlines. My creativity was tested here as to how I was going to give color to these shapes and I decided on using color from Tissue Paper and acrylic paint. My intuitive skills helped me choose the right blend of everything in each area and I was able to create a recognizable subject matter.

         Art 2 was an amazing class, it was a semester of freedom and individual growth. Since we got to choose subject matter based on themes or topics, we were able to make many decisions on our own and it helped us become independent artists who think for themselves. I think because of that this new way of teaching students were able to accel at their own pace and work with things they love instead of doing a project with strict rules and regulations. With the painting I did for sticky situation, I was  able to choose between watercolor and acrylic paints which helped build the piece bit by bit. With this I was also able to experiment on my own and I liked that.Whenever I needed advice or help teachers were there to help, but otherwise I was the one who worked to achieve my goals. The way the teachers taught this year was helpful and fun without being over-bearing and forceful . To me art is a subject that is not meant to be taught, but rather expressed through the senses. 

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